Q? What if I forget my reusable bags

A. Don’t worry! We have many loyal customers who bring in their old paper
and plastic bags for use to reuse when you forget to bring your own. Have a
hoard of plastic bags? Feel free to bring them by and we will gladly put
them to use.

Q? Do you sell Gluten Free products

A. We offer many gluten free products in our grocery area including pastas,
chips, crackers, cookies, etc. Because we focus on whole foods many of these
ingredients are naturally gluten free. We offer all of our sandwiches on
gluten free bread for an up charge and almost all of our menu items can be
altered for anyone trying to avoid gluten.

Q? Do you sell Beer and Wine

A. We do offer Beer and Wine for our lunch customers to enjoy. Please check
with our waitstaff for availability.